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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Old Old School Batman

For a very short time right after Batman debuted back in 1939, he was one badass MFer. He was like a mix between The Shadow and James Bond (James Bond wasn't around back then but you get the reference). This is the Batman I'd want to do (not to say that there aren't other versions of the character I'd like to give a shot at). He looked very different, very menacing, and he actually carried a gun a few times. Within a year or two he became the washed out bland character that he remained until the 1970s (not to say there weren't some high points in there). Every now and then we see someone take a shot at this version but it's never really been played seriously and it's potential has never been realized. If I were to "Ultimatize" Batman, this is the version I'd do.