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Monday, December 3, 2007

Bean: Interdimensional Mercenary - The Cover

This was an illustration that I had originally done in the year 2000 as a class project, that was meant to be the cover to an issue of my mini comic, Bean. It was my very first Adobe Photoshop illustration ever. It wasn't horrible for a first effort but it was obviously amateur.

Last week I was going through my files and after coming across this I ended up reworking the entire illustration. It's still not perfect, the central figure was a "Frankenstein" creation pulling almost every body part from a different figure in magazines. I wasn't thinking about light sources back then so even with the retouches, those who know what to look for will find the inconsistencies. But I'm satisfied with it enough to show it now.

I'll be releasing the PDF of the comic online within the next month. I was considering drawing a cover from scratch but I'm glad to recover this image so that I can focus forward in my aspirations...

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